Friday, September 02, 2005

titanic failure (silent but deadly)
In yet another story about the failures to adequately prepare for and respond to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, the most scandalous passage:
Brian Wolshon, an engineering professor at Louisiana State University who served as a consultant on the state's evacuation plan, said little attention was paid to moving out New Orleans's "low-mobility" population - the elderly, the infirm and the poor without cars or other means of fleeing the city, about 100,000 people.

At disaster planning meetings, he said, "the answer was often silence."
The Titanic will never sink. Why have lifeboats at all, then? Well, hypothetically it could sink. What are you doing to prepare? Well, we have enough lifeboats for the first and second class passengers. What about the passengers in steerage? ...(*blink*)...

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